What you should buy For a Perfect Fall Decor at Home.

Fall Decor at Home

Must Have Pieces For a Dreamy Fall Decor at Your House. From the kitchen to the bedroom, for a cozy and warm atmosphere.

Fall Decor is my last obsession, and in the last two years I’m scouting all around to find the perfect objects to decorate home. Not only pumpkins but all that warm feelings items that can give a fall mood even to a little corner of the house. I am definitely addicted to everything fall. I love laying on a sofa under a blanket with an hot mug of spicy latte being surrounded by little sparkling lights and decorative pumpkins and leaves and everything else. It makes me feel just as I am seated in big hug and to me is the perfect way to prepare my heart to decorating season. Fall Decor is, somehow, the aperitif where Christmas is the dinner.

Actually you don’t need many things to have that fall mood at home but you should wish a lot items to feel hugged from it. You can just add a tray somewhere with some golden accent items, some pillows in the colors of fallen leaves and maybe some dry flowers or leaves in the autumn colors and you will have a good starting point.

I have to admit that I can’t resist to add some new item to my fall decor collection every year. So I have now more that one corner at home with lots of Fall scent and I’m still looking around for some more pumpkins or leaves to decorate.

Fall decor at home on the fireplace

Anyway, no mater if you are a minimal Fall Decor lover or if you love a house full of pumpkins and leaves (as I do), the point is that I’m pretty sure that if you come home to a decorated one you will for sure love much more this season. When the sun light is shorter, when the rain is pouring all day long, some autumn sparkles all around give the best cozy atmosphere and a warm feelings.

So let’s decorate.

This post was written for the first time on October 5 2021 and rewritten on September 11 2023

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