Fall in love. 4 good reasons to soak it all.

How to fall in love with Fall, between cozy atmosphere, good hot drinks and the magic of fallen leaves.

Fall is the season I’ve hated for a long part of my life. The begining of the school or the getting back to work, the end of summer vacations and foggy dark days. It really made me sad.

Then, all of a sudden, some years ago I’ve found myself in love with the same thing that I’ve hated so much. I fell in love with all the shades of autumn, not talking only about leaves but about everything. I found out how beautiful are some little moments that I can enjoy mostly in this season.

Fall wasn’t anymore the end of something but it has become the beginning of something special.

Here you are 4 things you should consider to fall in love with Fall too:

  1. The beginning of decorating season. Be honest and tell me that you don’t love to come back every day in a cozy home. That’s why I love so much decorating it every season, but most of all from now to December. With warm lights, cinnamon scent and candles everywhere. Christmas is for sure the topic moment for home decoration but you should not underestimate Fall season. It is less commercial but really very cuddling.
  2. Indulge between sofa and blankets. Grey days and first frosone days are the best excuse to stay on the sofa with out feeling guilty. It’s just like it was the nature it self to kindly tell us to slow down and live the moment. So why shouldn’t we listen to her, it just feel so good to find time to read a book or to binge watch under a blanket.
  3. Hot and yummy drinks. How wonderful is to keep a hot mug in your hands while outside the window leaves are falling and the first cold wind is in the air? No matter what’s inside (spice latte, hot chocolate, tea or whatever, the matter is that it should be hot and yummy.
  4. Food & Drink Tour. Probably there isn’t a wrong season to go hunting new place to eat and drink well, but if one could be the best it will sure be Fall. In italy is the truffle season, and going around the countryside looking for new restaurant you will find golden hills covered with vineyards. It is the perfect season to go visiting the wine cellar of a winemaker, let your eyes fell free to fall in love with the magic of nature.

Things to buy that will definitely switch you to a beautiful Fall mood

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This post was updated on 23/09/2022 and originally written on 22/09/2020

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