The Fitness Routine that gave a positive twist to my life.

Fitness Routine

The app and videos that I am using and how I am using them for a Fitness Routine perfect for a mum life that could also been done at home, to gave a positive twist to my life without shaking it too much.

Finding the perfect fitness routine for my everyday life wasn’t that easy, even more after I had a baby and after a long period of stop. In the end I’ve found the way to adapt those plannings suggested on line to my life.

I am not a personal trainer, neither a coach, so please read this just as I was your next door friend that wants to share her successful experience with you. Having a life full of things to be matched, between family, work and passions, I’ve found out that it was too hard to me following a personal trainer plan and more over to go to a gym to follow fitness courses. I had to admit to myself that I am not invincible and it’s ok and I discovered that my fitness way should have been following professional advices but adapting them to my everyday life.

First thing I’ve done, was to download again the Sweat app (Kyla Itsines) where there is also the BBG (Bikini Body Guide) program.

I already knew that app and I have already tried to use it in the past but I had no consistency and I was asking too much to myself. And every time the result was that I’ve quitted.

This time I decided to use a different approach, trying to forget timings and to not look too much to other people results. I only forced myself to be consistent but following my mental and body natural timing.

The Sweat app suggests a fitness routine made by 3 days of circuit trainings plus other cardio days.

In the past, i remember that I was under pressure, every time: I was used to skip the beginners program going through the hardest one, trying to reach the goals in the fastest time possibile. I WAS WRONG.

When I’ve understood that, my morning fitness routine became a sort wellness routine. I’ve never felt guilty if I had to skip one day training and that made me somehow not skipping them.

In BBG – Sweat every week you have a plan with different circuit training every week and they grows in intensity.

Every time I felt the were too much for me, I didn’t forced myself but I decided to make a step back and i started over with week before. I remember once I’ve stepped back for 3 weeks but then I was confident enough to go on and it felt so good.

I’ve admitted to myself to be human and to have limits. So I’ve found an imperfect fitness routine that was perfect to me.

The fact is that we are all human and that life is not a perfect movie, but its a slalom in between compromises even when we are talking about fitness routine. That’s why real life is too real and I only few minutes for training (BBG circuits are about 40 min. long), I tried to not skip doing instead shorter alternatives. Ive fount 15min inside the same app to but also some good ones on YouTube.

My favorite on YouTube are POPSUGAR ones, that I am using both for shorter training sessions and for some LISS training when bad weather (or lockdown) doesn’t allow me to go out.

For the ones asking where I find the energy to train every morning, I answer that there is no answer, since everyone needs to find their own one.

I’ve found motivation in the satisfaction of reaching a goal and in many other things and I can tell for sure that is not easy to me as for you, to get up when the alarm clock sounds. So don’t feel alone if you feel like you are dreaming your bed, your sofa or Netflix series instead of sweating on a mat. I am not a fan of hard working so what I’ve always loved about training isn’t the training itself but the satisfaction it gives.

So many times I thought to quit and sometimes I’ve also skipped the training, but I’ve never felt guilty, since I don’t want this to be a burden but it should be an added value to my life.

Let me share, then, 3 frivolous but useful motivations because you should never take yourself too seriously and you should try to approach your fitness routine with joy:

  1. Thinking about the breakfast you will have after your morning training. I will for sure be much more yummy, such as it was a prize. More pancakes and less guilty feelings.
  2. Relaxing Shower post training session. That amazing feeling that you have when you achieve your goal.
  3. To buy a new training set. Don’t you feel better if you feel fashion even when you are training? And yes, it is a good excuse for some some shopping.


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