Back to School. Shopping ideas and emotions.

What I’m buying right know on a budget for a back to school of a 3yo little boy, plus some emotions to share with you from mum to mum.

back to school

We are getting ready for back to school, trying to manage all the overwhelming emotions and to be focused on what I need to buy for my 3yo little boy.

We are experiencing our first time at school in these days and that is really an emotional thing, much more that I’ve expected. But fortunately it is so so only for me and it seams to be the most natural thing to do for my son who is so happy for what is happening.

As a mum I’ve learned soon, when he was born, that emotions would have been a serious thing from then on, so what I’ve always tried to do was to plan in advance (as much as I can) to find much more space to manage the unpredictable.

This year, to get emotionally ready for our back to school, I made a lot mental training on myself and on my little boy. Trying to thinking about how I felt when I was a little girl in the same situation and that, from a children point of view, it really is an amazing moment of their life. They finally have the chance to interact with other babies and to be involved in new challenging games.

I remember I was thrilled every year to go back to school and to see my friends again. So this are the emotions I’ve tried to pass to my son in the last months and I really hope it could work.

While training emotions I’ve also trained my self on finding some useful (or just cute) items for our back to school. Here you are some of my favorites.


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