about the cihc

The best encounters happen by chance, between two part of the same soul, shy and discreet but creative and dreamy, that doesn’t accept the obligations and doesn’t love ostentation, the walks upside-down  between clouds and dreams.

Thats how Chic became Cihc and in 2011 was born TheCihc.Com for the need of telling the story of a unique fashion and lifestyle that is full of real life and that doesn’t like homologations and that wants to have an unique point of view.

She has always been in love with communication and she is note able to do one thing at a time, she would get bored. Beyond TheCihc.com Greta is marketing and communication manager in a DIY company and she collaborate with glamour.it

She has collaborate with small and big brand of fashion, beauty and design, never giving up her style. Here some of them: Asos, Benetton, Caudalie, Colmar Originals, Dalani.it, Dior Makeup, Ford Italia, Garnier, J.Crew, Jean Luis David, Maybelline, Nike Italia, Nivea, OVS, Promod, Yamamay.


about the cihc