September. A month full of new beginnings.

September a month full of new beginnings

4 new beginnings that you can’t miss on this September, to leave the old behind, to move forward and let positive vibes come into your life.

September has the scent of the end of summer, probably the last al fresco dinners, with fresh air and light sweater to put on tanned skin. Rediscover the pleasure of holding a hot mug, while soaking colder mornings at the window.

Summer Holidays are gone and you have the heart full of new projects just waiting for you to realize them. September is the month where you put a stop to all that summer craziness but it is also the month of new beginnings, of good resolutions, both personal and for work life, even more than January, more than any other month.

That’s why I love to repeat some rituals every year in this period, that help me enjoying this month in the best way, starting autumn season in the best way.

Beginning something new. No matter if it is a book or a new tv series or better a new hobby or anythng else, the matter is find new beginnings that cheer up your soul. These are mine:

1. Buy a new agenda.

But also a new pen or a notebook to write down your dreams. It probably is an inconscius tradition that I took from School, but in my life the new agenda comes on September and not on January. To me is the best way to start over with positive vibes, living past behind and finding inspirations to plan the new.

2. Find more time for new self cuddles.

It’s the right moment to start or restart loving ourselves. With any bikini body stress but just thinking about wha we want for us and not what others want. Trying new beauty products or just going back using those ones we love so much but we never have time to use. We should always remember that we deserve love from ourselves and September is a good month to remember it, trying ne face masks, rigenerating with scrubs but also beginning a new fitness routine.

3. Start a new perfume.

One thing I love about new beginnings is to match them with a new perfume. On September its also an occasion to switch from fresh summery ones to others much more autumnal.

4. Falling in love with a new item for your closet.

When September comes (but actually already mid august for me), I definitelly fall in a sort of autumn mood, beginning wishing new collection everywhere. The must have pieces I can’t help buying are sweaters. Anyway if you couldn’t find anything to buy or you won’t do it you can just refresh your closet in advance for the new season and I promise you will suddenly feel as you are doing the right transition to something new.

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This post was written for the first time on the 7 September 2021 and updated on 21 August 2023

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