A new mug for fall.

The season of cuddles on the sofa under a blanket is here, do you arredi have a new mug for your hot tea, coffee or chocolate?


The pleasure of drinking something hot in autumn, to me, it insta only the taste it self but also the pleasure of holding a nice mug in my hands.

I do not have one only mug that I love, a special shape or color, but I love to often change it, following my mood or what I am drinking. Usually, anyway, I love big mugs and not tiny espresso ones since I love long american coffee or latte, and definitely not the Italian way.

Every year when this season comes, I see mugs everywhere, from shop windows to newsletters to Instagram posts of friends and influencers. So, in the end, I can’t resist on buying at least one new mug to step into the new season and go through it with the best mood.

There isn’t any specific reason why I chose one or another mug, but absolutely need to have a mix of winning elements and for sure they have to be well shaped for a good feeling in my hands but also being instagrammable.

Do you have any mug that you love more than others? Or are you always hunting for something new, as I am? Here below I’ve selected a few options of the ones I love the most for the season. Some of them are already in my collection and has became a trend on instagram, must have pieces that you should have if you are photo and social addicted (such as the Antropologie monogram mug or the Kate Spade Mr&Mrs), some others are funny or classic, minimal or bold.

Which one is your favorite?

For the sweet (or breakfast lovers): try this oatmeal and raisin muffin recipe for your fall breakfasts.


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