Al fresco dinner, what you need for table & co.

al fresco dinner must have

Tips and Inspirations for your al fresco dinner, with a casual but sophisticated atmosphere.

Early June al fresco dinner, when it isn’t too hot yet but nights seams to be endless. That sweet little wind of early summer and the stars that come out late. The need to feel free, to be free to laugh with no reasons and to share happy moments with friends. Those dinners made by easy home made dishes, but also by pizza & ice-cream, where the real important thing isn’t what you will eat but the joy of sharing a cheerful moment together.

Bicchieri per Cene in terrazzo

Put on a light cotton sweater on your shoulder, a colored skirt or an easy and fresh dress with flat shoes. Put on a bunch of flowers on the table, better if they are from your garden (if you have one) or if they are bought they should be easy and not too perfect. The atmosphere that we would love for our al fresco dinner is sophisticated but not too uptight. What we love is an easy atmosphere but with care for details and elegant matchings.

Light candles everywhere, inside lanterns or on vintage candleholders, so you can avoid artificial lights when it will be too dark. If you live in a mosquitoes area, you can also use some citronella candles to keep them away from your table.

Try to mix materials and colors. Linen tablecloth, rattan placemats, colored glasses and dishes. Or if they are white / neutral, they should have a vintage twist. Use carafes to take water on the table and wooden or rattan trays for a casual but sophisticated touch.

Don’t forget some light blankets ready for use, for you or for your guests, to get warmer when stars comes out in the sky with a sweat breeze but you still want to have fun.



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