Garden Therapy. The Incredible Benefits of Gardening for Mental and Body Health.

garden therapy gardening

To take care of Nature helps you feeling better, it was scientific proved and I’ve tested my self in the last Year. Here you are my gardening experience.

I’ve never thought that gardening and taking care of a kitchen garden would have been so positive for my health and such a peaceful corner.

Since last year, I’ve never really done any gardening (I was used to live in a flat in town), then I’ve decided to buy some books, to read some on-line forums and I’ve asked a lot of advices to who knows more than me about that. The result was that I’ve decided to give back to life my grandpa old kitchen garden and to find some of my free time to dedicate to the nature.

The most amazing thing wasn’t, actually, the fruit and vegetable that I was able to grow, but mostly the satisfaction itself of growing something. Taking care of nature, following its time and needs was the perfect excuse to escape from daily activities and find some unexpected relax.

Those activities were surprisingly but really able to make me feel calm even when my mind was a total mess: nature is like this, it has its own timings, its silence and you have to learn how to love her in different ways. You have to respect ita and to love it consistently but at the end it gives you back a lot of gifts.

Garden therapy gardening

They call it Garden Therapy, because the activity of taking care of nature seams to be really helpful for body and mind health.

Scientific studies told that gardening gives people a lot of health benefits. Here you are some of them:

  • improves self-confidence;
  • boosts mood and concentration;
  • reduces stress;
  • improves movement skils;
  • improves problem solving attitude.

No matter if you will take care of a garden, a kitchen garden or just some greenery on your terrace, taking care of nature will give you unexpected positive benefits to your health.

Have you ever tried? What are you waiting for?

This post was written for the first time on April 20 2022 and updated on April 16 2024

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