Physical and metal health, 5 things you should try to feel better.

Benessere fisico e mentale, 5 cose da fare per migliorarlo. - Physical and metal health, 5 things you should try to feel better.

Easy tips that you should practice every day to boost your physical and metal health.

You sure have, as I do, few moments during the year where you feel like your physical and metal health needs a boost. Because of too much of stress, because things to do are always more that you could actually do, because sometimes you just need to stop and think to yourself.

Try this 5 easy tips to boost your well being, when I remember to it I really feel much more in peace with my body and my mind.

1. Find (new) routines. A new routine to begin the day with positive energy or a nighttime routine, sometimes is just what you need to feel better with yourself. To fix a routine with few steps that are always the same makes me feel somehow relaxed. It doesn’t have to be a fitness routine (but also), you just need to put together a small sequence of actions that make you feel good and repeat them every day. Just like a new shower routine or a new bedtime one.

2. Go grocery shopping with a list. It’s an easy thing but we often forget to do it: lists. They are useful also when you are going for some grocery shopping. They help you being focused on what you really need, reducing the stress of remembering everything (if you have already done the list in front of your fridge or pantry it should be easier) and you will be less tempted by buying junk food that you don’t really need and that will effect on your body health.

3. Start a Gratitude Journal. If you are happy and you know it, clap your hands! It was a baby song but it should be our daily mantra. We are probably happier that we think we just don’t have time to recognize it when it comes. To write down on paper or share it on social (in a much more modern way to do it), helps on being focused on positive vibes and find happiness in small things. Have you ever tried to do the #30daysofgratitudechallenge on Instagram?

4. Buy flowers for yourselves. Why should we always wait to be happy because of the actions of others? Buying flowers for myself just makes me feel happy and every time I look at them I don’t have to feel grateful for anyone than me and this is one of the best positivity boost I know.

5. The Diet that is not a Diet. During the years I discovered myself unable to strictly follow a real diet. I have no time and never wanted to weight food or think too much about what I was eating. But eating healthy is another thing, that produces results both on my physical and metal health. What I always try to do is to void wine, alcohol and junk food from week days and to concentrate that only during weekends. It helps my body to feel healthier and my mind to be happier when on Friday night I can drink the first glass od the week. Have you ever tried?

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