How to wear a woman suit in a stylish way.

4 things you should / don’t do to be stylish while wearing a woman suit.

A woman suit is a must have if you are over 30 and even more if you are over 40. They are perfect to be worn in early autumn for work days but also as an alternative outfit for your nights out at dinner or aperitive, but also dressed down for smart casual days.

You just have to find the right way to wear it, just to not feel too masculine or too ordinary.

Here 4 things you should do to wear it properly to feel stylish:

  1. Chose your suit with a masculine cut but wear it in a femminine way. Avoid a girlish and embellished woman suit but you still can chose girlish colors.
  2. Do not match it with a classic white shirt. It would give you a men attire that we obviously don’t want. You better try it with silk tops or just a t-shirt. Or, if you feel, it directly on your skin.
  3. Wear it with trendy or ultra-femminine shoes. I love it with sneakers, with chunky loafers but also with heels. Just avoid black or tan heels that are too predictable and that will give to the whole outfit a less cool touch.
  4. Combine it with fancy accessories. A lady bag, fancy earrings or necklaces, etc. Just to add a glam twist that is definitely femminine.

Bonus. Never forget to add the right makeup and your favorite perfume.

Woman Suit


This post was updated on the 16/10/2023 and originally written on 19/10/2016

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