What You Should Need in Your BedTime Routine.

Bedtime routine

Habits That You Should Add To Your Bedtime Routine for a Better Sleep and the Best Wakeup.

I wasn’t used to have any particular bedtime routine in my life, but in the last two years, since the first Lockdown my habits changed. Adding routines in my life, together with some other little improvements, made me feel much more confident and I discovered that sometimes it is just about doing it and it really takes few minutes and few actions, to feel much more better.

These are the products that make my bedtime routine and that have changed in better my sleep:

1. Pillow Mist. I’ve always underestimate this one, but you really should start using it, if you are not yet. It was a life changer talking about bedtime routine. Laying down in the bed with a fresh scent on my pillow really makes me feel happier and let me sleep better. I’ve chosen a lavender scent and I’m totally happy with my choice. I’ve always loved this scent, plus it reduces stress and insomnia. Even if you could find a lot of other amazing scent for your pillow mist, I definitely recommend lavender.

2. Hand Cream. I have to thank my husband for teaching me this good habit. I was used to apply hand cream only in the morning before going out or, most of the time, only during the day when I felt my hand to be too dry. Since I’ve begin this quick and easy bedtime habit, my hands are less dry even during all the day after. Plus It really feels good to have a silky sensation on my hand when going to bed.

3. Lip Balm / Mask. My lips are always dry, in every single season. Applying a lip balm or a lip mask during my bedtime routine really helps me waking up in the morning with smoother lips, so I can apply my favorites lipsticks without that annoying dry effect.

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