3 Productivity Tips for an Easier Work Life.


Keys to Productivity for this new year resolutions, being more organized and finding time to enjoy life.

Sometimes productivity is just an hard think to achieve when you are a mum and you have to match thousands tasks all together.

To do list are growing (both at work and at home) so two assistants and an half would be useful, but I haven’t, so I usually try to find help in technology.

Here 3 quick tips, that I use every day, to go through the chaos and to achieve a good daily productivity:

1. Organize ideas | When thousands ideas are in your mind and you go crazy for not understanding where you have to start from, you need to write them down and give them priorities. Recently I’ve found the app Airtable that is perfect to schedule your activities (both at work or at home) and it is useful on helping with deadlines. You can also share the to do lists with other and assign tasks to different people.

2. Time Optimization | It is usually called the Pomodoro technique and it consist in dividing your working day in priority lists and goals. Then you set up a timer at 25 min and you work with any interruption totally focused on what you are doing, trying to do the best in the that time and going on like that through the day, task after task without forgetting about having pauses in between to refresh your mind and get back focused on the next task. You only need a kitchen timer or your phone one, but you can also try the app Be Focused (for iPhone/Ipad/Mac) that helps you on splitting the day in portions both working or pause ones. It sounds strange but it really works well on your productivity.

Schedule | It seams obvious but it really is the key to productivity, to me. Scheduling in advanced my tasks, helps me to manage the unexpected and feel better with myself. Not only in the working day but also at home and moreover in the blogging life. To live with two separate lives between my work and the blog could really become crazy without any scheduling. So this is my primary tip: schedule your life! Do today what  you can do tomorrow, because tomorrow you could not find time to do it. If your work is also made by managing social networks, you could find very useful the app Planoly. It allows you to schedule in advance your posta on Instagram and Pinterest and it will post for you what you want when you want (even if you have do do something else at that time). Plus it gives you stats of your own profiles so you can easily chose when is the best time for you to post.


This post was originally written on 16 January 2017 and updated on 7 February 2022


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