Shower Routine for beauty addicted with limited time.

5 easy things to give a twist to your shower routine and turn it into a beauty routine, optimizing time.

Shower routine

Shower routine for us should always be a cuddle moment. Reality is that we often have so little time to enjoy it, that’s why we just need a few things to do to make it a beauty moment for yourself, without loosing time.

  1. Candles. Who said that you can have a relax time only in your bathtub? Even when you are having a shower you deserve extra-cuddles. If you can, light a candle some minutes before your shower so you will have the room already full of good scent.
  2. Face Mask. I often put on a face mask before getting inside the shower, in order to optimize time. I leave it on for about 10 minutes, just the time I use for doing other steps. Then I remove it before getting out or before washing my hair. (You can find HERE some of my favorites).
  3. Scrub. It is in my shower routine only for a few years but can’t understand why I haven’t done it before. My skin is smoother and absorbs better all the creams.
  4. Iced water. At the end of the shower I always have some iced water on my skin. At the begining i was used to do that only on summer, but then I’ve noticed it was effective all year long. Light Legs and a better circulation is the result.
  5. Spray Body Cream. Am I the only lazy girl here? I know that you should always put some cream on your skin after a shower but I am often so lazy to use the timing excuse to not do that. So it was a life changer discover the spray creams. You can find lots of them, also anti-cellulite or just hydrating ones.


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