Mat Lipsticks, my favorite ones.

My favorite 4 mat lipsticks for this 2018 winter and why you should try them.

Mat lipsticks


My passion for mat lipsticks isn’t new, but in the last period it definitely became stronger. I love them because the dosn’t shine reflecting ligt and they give a sophisticated accent, looking sometimes as velvet.

My favorite ones, for this winter, are all between nude and purple shades. No one is red, since i stil prefer red in shiny ones. Here I’ve selected 4 high rotation mat lipsticks that I love also because they are budget-friendly.

  1. MAC – Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour. Color Burnt Spice. I think it was the first mat lipstick I’ve bought, the last year. At the begining, I have to admit, that it didn’t convinced me at all since I was not used to mat lipsticks. The color, is pretty much darker than the one you see in the pack. As soon as you put it on the lips it is not completely mat but it become after a little while. It change color becoming an indefinite one, more burned, that I love. Right now it is one of my favorite also because it has a very good applicator, so it is easy to put on and it has a very long lasting.
  2. GIGI HADID FOR MAYBELLINE NEW YORK. Color GG11 – Erin. Both this one and the next one are part of the Gigi Hadid for Maybeline collection. Which has many other lipsticks but these are my favorite. Erin is the the darker, in a purple color, and when you are wearing it gives a velvet effect to your lips, with a glam and sophisticated accent. Being so dark, I love to wear it mostly by night and in any way with a nude make-up on my eyes and cheeks.
  3. GIGI HADID FOR MAYBELLINE NEW YORK. Color GG09 – Mccall. This is my everyday one in the last period. I love to wear it to go to work but also for a casual weekend look. The nude color that goes to a powder give a romantic accent and not to much flashy.
  4. ART DESIGN BY COLLISTAR. Color 1 – Rosa Nudo Mat. This is my passe-partout that is always in my bag. It is a nude pink, darker that the one before, so I love it both for working make-up or for a night out where lips dosn’t want to be to much flashy but they definitely will be noticed.


  1. January 27, 2018 / 9:49 am

    I love color 1, and will buy one. Thanks for your share

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