Gift Ideas For Her.


Who ever she is, sister, friend, cousin or yourself, this Gift Ideas selection was actually made thinking exactly about what i would love to get. And probably, I will buy a few of them by my own, just to be sure.

1. A statement book, that can be shown on the coffee table or well setted in the library. I am looking for some of them for a while, and I think this is one that I could buy for my collection. Plus you can find some more here below.

2. A cozy pillow. Every girls I know, love pillows in the house. These are probably one of the things that men can’t understand: “what are they useful for?”, my husband often says about pillows. I do not have a serious answer to that, apart the one I always give “they make me happy”. This furry heart shape one really could make me very very happy and I guess many of you would love it too. Here below, the link to this one and to some others, in mood with this season.

3. Whirl TrioActually I really need some new hair styling tools and these ones, with their rose gold details, definitely had me. They have interchangeable barrels, so you can mix a lot of styles. Linking here below two place where you can shop them on line.

4. Gold necklace. I’m having a passion for them and in the last weeks I was surfing around the web looking for some to buy to be matched together. That one that you could wear easilly everytime, from a dinner outfit to an office one. Here some of my favorite.

5. Letter Board. I’ve bought it a couple of monthes ago. It is just a cute home decoration and perfect for instagram pics ;). I love to change words based on my mood. It is an easy a really not expensive gift. I have the one in black with square shape but you could find many other kind.

6. Monogram Mug. I’m a huge fan of mugs in general, not collecting them but really love to have a lot of in my kitchen and at work. The monogram ones are probably my favorites, since I do have both in black and in gold. This last one is my coffee or chocolate partner in crime for the holiday season and a perfect gift idea for everyone. Who does not like mugs?

7. Cozy Blankets. Perfect for cozy moment at home in this season. Actually I’m in love with the chunky ones (also because we have lots of other kind ;)).

9. Sweaters. Sweaters are never enough in my wardrobe, love every colors and shape. So I think you could never go wrong gifting a sweater to a girl. If you are in doubt about the size, just take the biggest so it will be have a boyfriend fit but they can wear it.


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