Workout Outfit. What to wear, to feel good and trendy.

Workout Outfit

Feeling good in your workout outfit doesn’t mean only to feel comfy when doing your fitness routine but also to love yourself in the mirror.

Workout outfit is an essential aspect of my wardrobe, and what to wear for sports is one of the things I pay the most attention to. The clothes I wear must be comfortable and technical, but without neglecting a touch of aesthetics to make me smile in front of the mirror even while I’m exerting myself.

Feeling good about what I wear really helps me to be more consistent in my workouts. It gives me more energy in the morning to know that I am getting up and putting on something I like and that makes me feel good about myself. That’s why what to wear for sports is so important to me, not only from a technical perspective but also from an aesthetic one.

By the way, any excuse is good for a little shopping, right? So why shouldn’t buying sportswear make us happy too? Over the years, I have discovered that you can wear different styles and not just different colors, depending on the type of workout you want to do, without sacrificing style. Of course, this is not to be underestimated, not only from an aesthetic but also from a functional point of view.

Remember one thing, though: it is right to feel beautiful when wearing workout outfit and working out, but it is very important to make sure that what you wear is technical and suitable for the purpose.

While it is true that many sportswear items can also be used for everyday life, the reverse is absolutely not true, and you should never do sports with clothing that is not technical and specifically designed for the activity you are doing. It is not trendy at all, in fact, it is almost out of place, but above all, it can be harmful to yourself.

When it comes to sportswear, more than in other cases, the rule of choosing products that are worth investing in because they offer superior quality and performance compared to others applies. However, this does not mean that it is not possible to find high-quality products at affordable prices.

So how do you choose? Relying on the experience of major sports brands certainly helps, and letting them guide you on the product that best suits your needs.

The opinions of other people who have tried the same product before me are often the best way to reassure myself about a purchase.

Here is a selection of some pieces that I consider essential, from different brands and price ranges, but all available on Amazon Fashion, where you can more easily check the opinions of the public and make a more informed choice about your purchase.



The beauty of this product is also its versatility. By choosing an aesthetically pleasing model that is also functional, or alternatively a very basic one, it can easily become part of not only our sportswear, but also our casual clothing. It just takes skillfully pairing accessories or clothing that enhance its use.


Among all the workout outfit items to buy to train in the best possible way, these are probably the most important. Never underestimate them, carefully check the characteristics of the shoe you need based on the type of sport you want to practice (e.g. indoor training or running require completely different types of shoes), but also based on your walking style (such as how you land your foot or your level of athletic preparation). Choosing the wrong shoe is truly one of the biggest mistakes you can make. This is the word of someone who has made this mistake several times.


There’s no denying it, in addition to what to wear for sports, there are a whole series of accessories that are useful for various types of training, but if chosen with care and aesthetic attention, they can also help the mind approach the workout moment with more joy.

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This post was written for the first time on 20 April 2016 and updated on 4 February 2022

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