Workout Outfit. What to wear, to feel good and trendy.

Workout Outfit

Feeling good in your workout outfit doesn’t mean only to feel comfy when doing your fitness routine but also to love yourself in the mirror.

The right workout outfit is one of the things that helps me more with consistency in my daily training. Wearing the right clothes doesn’t mean only that you have to wear technical clothes that allows you to feel comfy in your movements but also those ones that make you feel pretty even when you are training.

Yes because, I really need to feel pretty in that moment of my day, somehow more that in others. It gives me the energy of going through it and I am much more motivated.

Plus you know that every excuse is good for some shopping, isn’t it? So why workout outfit shopping shouldn’t makes me feel happy too? In the years I’ve discovered that you can wear such different styles also when you talk about workout clothing, each brand has his own style and it’s so funny to change not only the colors of what I wear but also shapes and styles.

Just one thing to keep in mind, it is ok to feel pretty on your workout outfit but always be careful to wear pretty sport apparel that are designed for sport. Since it is ok to wear sport apparel for non sport moments but you should never be allowed to wear everyday clothes for your sport activities. It isn’t trendy at all and you can damage yourself.

Some of my favorite brands are Nike for everything, APL for shoes and Oceans Appart for apparel.

Here some of my favorite workout items, trendy and comfy as well, that I’m dreaming to be wearing right now also for everyday life moments.




Plus, I know that its is not outfit but it helps anyway feeling good to have trendy accessories, while doing your workout.





This post was written for the first time on 20 April 2016 and updated on 4 February 2022

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