Winter Holiday on the mountains. What to wear après ski.

outfit vacanza invernale winter holiday

Everything you should bring with you on a Winter Holiday on a trendy mountain location, where you can’t forget to think about your outfit even on the the snow.

If you are planning a Winter Holiday in a mountain location, such as the Italian Courmayeur or Cortina or similar, you should know that you are not only in the mountains but you are in a trendy location. People, when there, usually love to wear in a flashy way to feel stylish when they goes around, après ski (and sometimes also on the slopes). So, except for the slopes, you are not supposed to be wearing skiing clothing.

Despite all of this, I absolutely don’t like to wear city outfits in the mountains, like heel shoes or bare legs (even if some people sometimes do it here). So I try to mountains clothes with fashion details. One of my fave item is the leather skinny pant. I have it in black and I think they are a perfect solution, to be warm and to not be wet under a snow storm, but beeing fashion as well. I’m pairing it with technical boots like Sorrel ones, for strong snowy day, with UGG, Mukluks or Snow Isabel Marant for dinner.

When it is not snowing, I find it is very chic wearing soft colors, like white or pastel shades. White denim with pink fur vest or powder pink denim with grey vest are probably my favorites. I also love faux fur coats and vests, colored or black but just be careful of wearing them under a snow storm, they are not waterproof as the real fur is. So I also have hooded down jacket for that reason.

Have fun layering with cozy and warm sweaters – mountain patterns and turtlenecks on the top of choice, since they keep your neck warm even with out a scarf so you don’t look too much wrapped up. Anyway, always remember  to wear something light (like a tee or a blouse) under them, since inside restaurants they are used to have really hot temperature.

In the end, don’t forget to add something fancy on your head, like a pom pom beanie or a fur hat.


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