Home Office, 5 details to make it unique.

smart working at home office

5 easy tips to create a functional but cozy home office for a better smart working experience.

Smart working and home office, a new way to live our daily routine that we need to deal with in the best way.

My priority when working from home, was identifying a place for myself in the house, making it as confortabile as possibile, in order to find the best way to get concentrate.

We are not talking about a house renovation in 5 minutes but just about rethinking an existing space in the house for your smart working.

A make-up desk or the dining table, wherever you like is a good place to begin from. You just have to add some personal details to make it feel like a home office.

Here what I’ve done at my home:

1. On my tiny desk I’ve added a small lame, since I don’t like strong lighting while working on the computer, since it makes my eyes feeling tired.

2. I’ve noticed that a correct posture can help both in preventing back pains and improving concentration. The temptation of working from the bed is so strong every day but I force myself not doing it, since on the long term it takes much more time to do things. My home office was my makeup desk, where I had a cute pouf – perfect for being seated for a short time but not for woking on it all the day long. Thats why I’ve substituted it with a comfier little chair.

3. While working I really need to have stationery with me. I know technology can improve so much our productivity but sometime I really need paper and ink as well. While in office its good to me to have unpersonal stationery, at home I love cute objects to make my day brighter.

4. Being at hom, near the kitchen sometimes isn’t a good thing both for the risk of too many snacks and for the risk of not remembering to drink enouh. That’s why I keep on my desk a bottle with some water, so I do not have any good excuses to go to the kitchen and I remember much more that I have to drink.

5. To have a candle or a fragrance diffuser near the computer while working is an habitat I already had at work so it was easy to ricreate it at home. It really makes my day more relaxing improving productivity.

This post was written for the first time on March 26 2020 and updated on February 5 2022


  1. Nico
    March 27, 2020 / 10:02 am

    Ciao Greta, ti seguo e sei davvero molto elegante e raffinata.

    Diró di più: esprimi davvero un sofisticato e mai volgare erotismo.

    Solo una piccola valutazione: perché non scrivi in italiano? Il tuo inglese, come quello di molto di noi (me incluso) è maccheronico è pieno di errori. Quindi perché non usare la nostra bella lingua?

    • greta
      March 27, 2020 / 10:06 am

      Ciao Nico, grazie mille per la tua segnalazione. cerco di dare a chi mi legge entrambe le opzioni, visto che ho molti lettori internazionali cerco di dare anche a loro la possibilità di usufruire dei miei contenuti. La versione in lingua italiana la trovi cliccando in alto sulla bandierina dell’Italia. Vedrai che in quella sezione trovi anche molti contenuti in più rispetto alla versione in Inglese. Fammi sapere cosa ne pensi. Un abbraccio. G.

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