New York for Foodies. Our favorite spots.

10 NYC food spots that you wouldn’t miss, according to us, if you love good food plus instagrammable dishes and places.


Last time we’ve been to NYC we had fun while trying some food spots around the city and I’ve selected here 10 of the ones we loved the most and where we would get back for sure.

1. JACK’S WIFE FREDA. The perfect place to be, for a rich breakfast or a brunch. We’ve been in their spot in Soho but you can find another one also in West Village.

2. Sarabeth’s. It’s a classic place to go to, especially for Sunday brunch. Just be patient, because you will probably have to wait a bit for your table, but then you will be happy.

3. Bubby’s. Probably the biggest burger I’ve ever eat (and it was also one of the most tasty!).  We’ve been there for a late dinner, but I hope to go back for a breakfast or lunch (even if you can have a breakfast menu also for dinner!!). Plus, don’t forget to taste one of their pies.

4. BlueStone Lane.  There you can find artisanal coffee and food, also with a variety of Gluten Free and Vegan options. Don’t forget to try their famous Avocado Smash, it’s really delicious.

5. The Elk. It’s a tiny place to stop by if you are walking in the West Village. There you can smell a sort of genuine atmosphere, apart from crowded touristic spots.  Just have a seat at one of their wooden table, enjoy a coffee (matcha as well) or eat one of their healthy snacks.

6. The Doughnut Project. In a little tiny place, some of the most strange and yummy doughnuts I’ve ever eat. My favorite? For sure the Bacon Maple Bar, but I wish I could try their new in: the cocktail series!

7. DoughDoughnuts. If you love doughnuts you have to go there. Their ones are very big and very tasty and they also try to experiment different mixes of ingredients.

8. Two Hands. Go there for their big Acai Bowls and for their sweet kidliness. Plus for that amazing cloud lamps šŸ˜‰

9. Nomo Soho Restaurant. The location is just amazing. Go there for a bruch or a romantic dinner or just to take a pic.

10. The Polo Bar – Ralph Lauren. If you love Ralph Lauren style and his world this is your place to go to. Food is standard quality and the atmosphere is as elegant as you would expect.

Please if you are New Yorkers, let me know what do you think and, more over, if you have any other spots for us to try on our next time in town!


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