Me time. Because you deserve it.

Me time

5 little habits that you should improve this year to love yourself more. Because some Me Time is much needed in our life even if you think you do not have time for it.

Me time it’s not a trend, it’s just a need. This should be your mantra and you should remember it every day. You really deserve some quality time for yourself.

No matter if your life it’s so busy that you need to schedule it in your weekly planning or if you need to set and alarm to remember it, this should be the most important appointment of your day. It doesn’t need to be a lot of time. There will be days where you can have an hour or more but others where you can only have 15 min. That’s ok. Sometime even a little bit of self love it’s better than nothing, plus I experimented that – practicing it – makes you a much better planner and you will find more quality time for your self.

Me time

Find something that makes you feel happy, something only for yourself, one thing that lights you up, no matter what it is. We are all different and we all have different passions and souls. So find what really make you feel lighthearted and do it. Turn off all your devices alerts and focus only on yourself and on what you are doing.

5 Me Time Ideas to try or improve.

1. Read Something For you. In the last years I’ve found my self always reading things for work or to be updated about what’s happening in the word. That’s not Me Time. You have, for sure, some book on the shelf that is waiting for you or a magazine that you always wanted to flip through. Without thinking too much, do it just enjoying what you are doing.

2. Exercise. It doesn’t matter if it is just a walk outside with your doggie or alone, or doing some fitness exercises. Do something for your body health will for sure make yourself feel much more loved. Find some time to do that and don’t let anyone intrude in what you are doing. It’s your Me Time and you are not doing it only to be fit but you are now doing something for yourself. So if you are walking with your dog, set devices notification off and listen to music or look around you. Avoid phone calls and texting while doing it.

3. Art Therapy. Have you ever tried it? I’ve never considered it since I’ve started using colors again with my son. Actually there are a lot of drawings made for adults that are so cute to be colored. You can also find a lot of apps for your tablets to do that. It’s just a way to let your mind be back to childhood. You don’t have to color in a perfect way, there are no rules, there are no guidelines, there is only you and a bunch of crayons. Let your creativity take the lead, relax and have fun.

4. Spa Time. It doesn’t necessary mean that you have to go to a spa salon, but also. You can book time for a massage, a nail spa or whatever but also taking some little moment for you at home. Trying new skin treatments or having a beauty shower. Just do it taking your time. Fix an alarm to know when you have to stop, if you need it, but don’t watch at the clock while doing it. Enjoy the moment and feel loved by yourself.

5. Sleep More. It’s the most important thing you could do for yourself. I have to admit that I am a great procrastinator of bed time moments, since I always think that I have many other much more important things to do, instead of loosing time sleeping. The reality is that sleep really allows your body and your mind to recharge. Your body will be healthier and your skin will thank you too. I try to remember it at last some days per week as a Me Time gift and every time I am so happy to have done it. This really is the most important Me Time you could gift to yourself.

Now, take your personal agenda and book some Me Time on it. Don’t feel guilty but grateful, don’t think to others but just to yourself.


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