Makeup Brush Kit: beauty must have.

Makeup Brush Kit for every needs, here what you can’t miss if you are a beauty addicted or just a big dreamer.Makeup Brush Kit

I’ve always been obsessed with makeup brush kit, since I was a little girl and I was used to stare at my mum working on her makeup.

Using brushes aleays made me thinking about an artistic affair, such as the painter draws on the canvas so my mum, with her makeup brushes, was adding light and elegance to here face. I thought they were similar to a magic wand that could transform my mum in a beautiful fairy tale princes.

I didn’t know exactly how they work, and why there were so many and so different, but as soon as I could I stole them to play with them, pretending to transform myself into a princes, between glitter and improbable shades.

I’m still fascinated about them, not only for what they can really do, but also for the shapes and colors so that in the years I’ve bought a lot of them.

Actually my favorite one, since I’ve discovered it, is the Bionike Makeup Brush kit: I love the result that i obtain but also the sensation the brushes leaves on the skin. Anyway I’m used to mix the, with some others to obtain different results.

Here below you can find some of my favorite ones, from different brands and different costs. The Bionike ones are available in Italian pharmacies or on Amazon.


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