Grey and Pink on the Snow.

Outfit inspiration for Holiday Season Getaway in the mountains.

Holiday Season On the Snow

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Christmas Days are gone but Holiday Season is still here. And I can’t wait to leave for the mountains again.

Have you planed anything for this Holidays? Are you going to cold and snowy lands (such as we will do) or to hot and sunny ones?

Here one of my favorite outfits to walk on the snow on a sunny day. We’ve shooter it during the last time we were on the mountains, at the begining of December but I will probably wear it again during these days.

You already know how much I love soft an clear colors on the snow and I think that pink and grey and such an elegant mix. That day was not so freezing so I could wear a warm turtleneck with a vest, feeling warm even if I was on the snow. At my worst I was wearing one of my favorite accessories for this 2016 Holiday Season: the new Daniel Wellington in black and Rose gold perfectly matching with the rose gold bangle. And my shades are one of my last purchases from ChicAdHoc (I’ve already told you about it HERE), And I think they are just great on the snow with their white details and mirrored lenses.

Natale è passato ma le feste sono ancora qui. Non Vedo l’ora di partire di nuovo per la montagna.

Voi avete pianificato qualche viaggio per queste vacanze? Andrete al freddo verso paesaggi innevati (come farò io) o verso calde e soleggiate destinazioni?

Eccovi uno dei miei outfit preferiti per un giorno di sole sulla neve. Queste foto le abbiamo scattate durante l’ultima vacanza in montagna fatta all’inizio di dicembre, ma credo che questo outfit lo indosserò nuovamente anche durante queste vacanze.

sapete benissimo che amo molto indossare colori chiari sulla neve e penso che il mix rosa e grigio sia assolutamnte molto elegante.

Holiday Season On the Snow



  1. Rossella
    January 2, 2017 / 11:35 am

    Io tra un po’ andrò in montagna anche se a quanto pare neve zero che peccato !! Bello il tuo outfit!!

  2. January 19, 2017 / 11:05 am

    Caldo e chic questo outfit! Amo abbinare il rosa al grigio!


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