Favorite ThanksGiving Outfits to wear this year.

ThanksGiving Outfits

Cozy and warm, elegant but not too formal, comfy and casual but with a twist of coolness, this is how I’ve always imagined the perfect Thanksgiving Outfits (that could also be perfect for a Sunday lunch with family).

Thanksgiving outfits are the perfect cozy but cute outfits to be worn for a family lunch at home, no matter if you are celebrating it or not, they could be perfect also for a Sunday lunch with your loves. Warm colors and cozy fabrics, fireplace, blankets and candles everywhere, good drinks and good food: this is pretty much my idea of a perfect Thanksgiving atmosphere.

In Italy as you probably know there isn’t any family tradition about Thanksgiving Day, but I personally always loved this holiday for the deep meaning it has. To be thankful for something, to celebrate in an informal way with family and closest friends is one of the most amazing thing in my opinion.

Social media era and movies had definitely exported also here in Italy all those warm feelings that there is in this holiday. That’s why I’m sure that even if you are not living in US you can feel pretty well all that cozy atmosphere and its a good excuse to get in a cozy mood and celebrate.

In our little family we love celebrating it somehow, it is an occasion to cheer up and to stay together. To try new recipes that not from our Italian tradition but that we love so much. Once we also cooked a turkey and it really was so fun.

Anyway, personally I can’t wait to wear a cozy sweater dress and to cook a pumpkin pie, to decorate the table with leaves and pumpkins and to celebrate with the family, just being thankful for all the good things we have.

Get in the mood.


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