Countdown to Cyber Week – The Sweater Dress

6 Sweater Dress Style to pick from, perfect to begin your holiday season.

Cyber Week is almost there and that’s definitely me favorite shopping time of the year.

Since I’ve discovered about cyber week (black friday and cyber monday), I’m getting ready in the days before, having a look around to the trends or to that amazing objects I’m craving for. I make lists for my own and already start thinking about new Christmas decorations or Christmas shopping for my loves.

A sweater dress has been on my wish list for a long, but I’ve never found the right one. Too short, too long, wring color or just sometimes i wasn’t in the mood to buy and I’ve lost the size. Now I’ve made a selection of 6 different ones, which I equally love and I’m trying to decide which one will the one.

I have to figure it out when I want to wear it and how I want to combine it. I would love to wear it for a comfy dinner at my parent’s, or for a sunday afternoon coffee in town. And of course, as I love it very much, I’m strongly attracted by the grey ones.

Which one is your favorite and how would you style it?



  1. before you buy it (or you decide to keep the order on line), be sure that the fabric is not too fluffy, to avoid the risk of having a shapeless dress after one only time you have worn it.
  2. If you like one style but you are afraid that it could be too short, try it on with very dark tights and flat shoes. You will love the results as it was a large sweater with leggins.

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