Holiday Packing Tips.

4 useful tips to follow while packing your #suitcases.

packing tips

Holiday packing like a pro, useful steps to do it in the best way.

That moment when you have to make your holiday suitcase and packing is just like the writer’s block in front of a white page,
that easily become the remake of Hulk and the incredible hard work of closing the suitcase with too many things inside.
To (partially) avoid this problem, time after time I’ve found some small tips that You can find here below:

Make a list. Dividing it by subjects (ex. shoes, t-shirts, pants, etc.).
Start writing it some time before the leaving date so that each time you think to something, you can add it.
For example, if I’m starting to write it on my agenda or on my phone notes,
wherever I am or whatever I’m doing I can add a piece to my suitcase.
In add, it will be easier to understand the volume of pieces we are planning to take with us,
or changing ideas just deleting the item from the note and writing another one,
quickly coming to the final list.

Trying the outfits before put items in the suitcase. Even if that shirt it’s incredibly cute that I can’t leave it at home, if I haven’t thought how to wear it,
it would probably remain in the suitcase for all the holiday.
That’s why I always try to match the same cloth with almost other two items, just to be sure that I will have at least on outfit to wear with each item.

The passe-partout cloth. Each travel, it doesn’t matter if it is long or short, needs a cloth that could be used in many different occasions.
It will help us many time during the mirror crisis “I have nothing to wear”.
For example a jumper like this one from Desigual that I’m already thinking in an outfit with flat pom-pom sandals for an easy aperitif on the beach,
but also with high heels for a romantic dinner or even as a beach cover-up. Here I’ve wore it also in town for an early night out that smells of vacation.

The Beauty-Case. Even if you are not flying with an hand bag luggage, it’s always unusual to pack big beauty bottles.
They’re really bulky and heavy, isn’t it better to leave more space to another pair of shoes instead of them?
In the days before leaving, try to understand how much of each product you are used to use daily,
this way you will know how much you should take with you and you can put it in a smaller bottle.

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This article was updated on 05/08/21 and originally published on 21/07/2016.

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