The Ultimate Gift Guide for The Perfect GirlBoss.

Gift Guide for The Perfect GirlBoss

Motivational items, stationery and everyday stuff in a gift guide for the Perfect GirlBoss: for all the women of your life (yourself included) that doesn’t want to just exist but she wants to take control of her life and to achieve her dreams.

This Gift Guide for The Perfect GirlBoss, Is actually perfect for me too if you are looking to make any gifts to me. Since I feel to be an independent woman, that has her own objectives and that fights every day to reach them, never giving up and believing in dreams. I’m always in a rush between two thousands things to do, trying to keep everything under control and planning every seconds of my life, but aways trying to remember to keep some space also for dreams and for personal inspirations.

Selecting this pieces was just as easy as drinking a cup of coffee because i really would love to have one of these items (or in some case I already have it).

A mug, ironic and golden, to begin the day with the right power and a fancy mood or that she can use on her desk to keep pens. But also an iconic travel mug, because it doesn’t matter if she is traveling from country to an other or just from the kitchen to the lounge room, a Girl Boss is always on the move.

A paper agenda, notebooks and fancy stationery because, even if her smartphone will remind her every single schedule, she would need a pen to write down her dreams and an organized desk to make them become reality.

Motivational Items, because being a Perfect Girlboss it’s all about motivation and a statement lipstick, because you know it’s needed and somehow gives self-confidence even if you are wearing it under a mask.

Also, I highly recommend to check my LTK page where you can find all the gift guides plus more daily gift ideas that I share everyday on my IG Stories. Or if it is easier for you, don’t remember that you can also find everything in the shopping page here on the blog.

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  1. Paola
    November 23, 2016 / 8:14 pm

    Non regalerei il libro della Amoruso ora che NastyGal sta fallendo, ecco, magari no. Ma le tazze sono graziosissime!

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