Body Cream and Oil in one unique product, with NIVEA.

Easy as a body cream, hydrating as an oil.

A new body cream for my skin, an amazing scent for all your senses and a deep hydratation without any oily.

It is the new NIVEA Cream-Oil, a body cream that is able to be both hydrating as it was an oil but being easy to be used as a cream. The skin, finally, isn’t oily and we are all much more relaxed, since we are no more afraid of staining a dress or the floor.

In my busy everyday life, unfortunately, I never have a lot of time for too many beauty cuddles, but they still be very important. I come home from the office late, I need to give cuddles to my dog and to my hubby, taking care of the house, working on the blog and sometimes going out with friends. That’s why I really love all that easy beauty products that allow me to cuddle my self with no waist of time.

The idea of an oil that is an oil without being an oil, that could deeply hydrate skin, but that it’s very easy to be used, it is a very brilliant and smart idea.

I’ve been using it since last month and I love the sensation it leaves on my skin. The scent I’ve chosen and that I love more is Vanilla and almond oil, beacuse it has the perfect mix of sweetness without being too much. It exist also in 3 other scents, that you can find HERE.


For the Italian readers, click to IT flag to reed the Italian translation and to discover the opportunity to win an exclusive masterclas.

Or just click HERE for all the details. Ernst Knam will be the guest.


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