Back to Work, with a new energy.

Back to work with new tools for better planning and more smiles.ritorno al lavoro - back to work

Back to work after Italian Summer Holidays break, it’s so similar to the back to school sensation.

New projects and new dreams to realize. New resolutions and the need to do better, from the morning wake up to the evening gym. To me, September and so the back to work period has always been like this, a small rebirth with the chance to change what you disliked of your self, in the past mothes.

Is it so also for you? What are your September resolution this year?

This year to me is even stranger that usually, since we are wating for our new family member to show up, so I’m trying to get ready for it also organizing my self and my house to work from home.

I’m looking to new fall working outfit for the upcoming fall, when my big bump should has gone, but also sume new tools for my back to work, to make everything more cheerful: I’ve made a selection that I’m sharing with you here below.

For sure I do have to buy a new agenda (since I renew it every september and not every january), maybe a new mug and some funny tool to organize the desk.

I already have some on line shopping cart full of stuff, but I’m still thinking about what to buy, what do you think?



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