A March to-do-list, to begin the new season in the best way.

Spring is around the corner and I’m so ready for it. No matter if we are still on a pandemic situation, flowers will bloom and we all need to live this March at his best.

March Tulips Tulipani Marzo

What I’ve learned in the years is that lists are never enough. They help me focusing whatever we are talking about. So I make lists for work and grocery but also for dreams. March is definitely a good month to begin making new lists. Spring season always made me feel positive. Longer days, warmer temperature and everything in the nature that seams to be waking up from a long nap. It all gives me more energy and more willing to realize new things.

Have you already made your list? Just remember to add some of the following activities to yours (if you like them) and to share yours with me.

1. Go to bed a little bit early and try an early morning workout. Longer daylight gives me much more energy from the beginning of the day. Waking up to a new-risen and much more yellow sun is just what I’ve missed for all the winter time. This is probably why every year in this period I feel the right energy to begin the day with a workout. It’s definitely easier for me to get up earlier from the bed and it really gives me a powerful boost to begin a new day. The only problem is that I have to remember to go to bed earlier on the day before. Thats why I have a morning alarm clock and a night one too, that reminds me when its time for bed. Have you ever tried it?

2. Let an idea bloom. While flowers are blooming outside, this is the perfect period to let bloom new ideas too. No pressions from September or January good resolutions and all the spring positive vibes to help you realize them. Before 2020 march was for us the month to plan new holidays and booking road trips on the other side of the ocean. Now we need new ideas to be realized but I won’t stop my mind and if I can’t travel for a while, I will try to realize other dreams that have been closed in my pockets for too many time.

3. Try a new vegetable recipe. Who else is dreaming about some fresh new vegetable recipe to try this spring? I really can’t wait and I’m collecting lots of them. That not mean only veggie ones but also some of them. As you probably know I am not a vegetarian but definitely love lots of veggie and vegan recipes. I think its a good thing to mix them in my diet. Found some interesting here.

4. Find optimism in a fresh flower bouquet. March is the month for flowers more than any other one and it’s the month for Tulips. There are always so many good reasons to buy flowers for yourself and to give a fresh scented accent to your home but March is the best for this. Outside everything begins to get greener and to bloom and I deeply need to give a blooming feeling to my house too.


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