4 amazon finds you should need as a motivation booster for the new year at work.

motivation booster

Little – non expensive – objects that help you find a better mood for your day and that could work as a motivation booster to concentrate more while working on your new goals.

Holiday season is over, all the lights are off and sometimes you need a motivation booster to get up in the morning, to wear your best smile and to go on reaching your goals. It doesn’t matter if you began the year with lots of good resolutions and if you are full of new energy to go through them, I know it comes that crazy day where you just feel blue because you have to much tasks to work on or just because you woke up in a bad mood.

So there are some little things that you can keep with you while working to help you feeling better an to give you a motivation booster to go on in the best way.

This is not at all a Feng Shui shopping guide but much more a shopping guide for those little things that will probably never change your life but that will change for the better some of your daily moments.

All the items I’ve found are from Amazon.com (if you are reading from Italy, don’t forget to change the language in to IT so you will find the same on Amazon.it), 3 of them already are in my life and so happy to have them with me, the other one is waiting in the cart because unfortunately I am the best influencer to myself and when I suggest anything to you, I am the first one to desire it.

Anyway, if these are not enough for your personal motivation booster, you should try to work on new ways to schedule your day so that all your energy could be focused on your goals.


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