• SHE-Y The Shea Butter Body Cream.
  • SHE-Y The Shea Butter Body Cream.

    The new luxury shea butter cream that mixes traditions with innovation for a perfect hydrating result.

    A new product for the body that immediately became part of my everyday routine, a shea butter body cream scent of tradition and innovation.

    It’s name is SHE-Y and it is the new body line thought by a woman for women: created by the amazing Miss Universe 2004 Menaye Donkor, its made by an hight quality shea butter from Ghana.

    The result is a product that leave your skin really soft, such as it rarely happened to me, giving it a perfect hydrating sensation. The one I’m using is Black Orchid, a sensual scent that adds an exotic accent to the natural scent of shea butter, making you dreaming hot an mysterious nights.

    I use it daily after my morning shower and my skin remains hydrated all the day long. This thanks to its formula made by shea butter (18%), hyaluronic acid, red algae mixture and Vitamin E.

    As it was not enough, the packaging is a glass jar – let me say it – really luxurious such that you can use it as a bathroom decoration.

    The SHE-Y shea butter cream also exist in the scent Olive and Praline, plus you can also find a Body Scrub to prepare your skin for a better hydration.

    shea butter

    In Italy you can buy them at Corso Como 10 and Boscolo Hotel Milano, or discover more on their website. EVENTO SHE-Y MENAYE



    1. Gifty Bachino
      March 11, 2017 / 2:42 am

      please I really want to purchase Shey body cream, Where can i get it. I live in the US

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